full detail:

Cars $250

SUVs $275

Trucks $300

Includes interior/exterior packages

Interior detail

Cars $125

SUVs $140

Trucks $150

Thorough vacuuming followed brushing& air blowing  

Floor mats shampooed

Carpet shampooed

Seats steamed cleaned

Spot clean headliner

Center console cleaned& steamed

Dashboard steamed& protected

Steering column steamed& protected

Standard wash service

Door jams 

Windows cleaned inside& outside 

Tires cleaned& dres​sed

Exterior detail:

Cars $125

SUVs $140

Trucks $150

Rims& tires cleaned& protected

Wheel wells scrubbed& protected

Bug& tar removal

Clay bar treatment

Remove 3-5 minor scratches

Wax/sealant applied by machine

All plastics cleaned& protected 

Windows cleaned inside& outside

Window sealant applied

Headlights restoration


Door jams wiped down

Dashboard wiped down 

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mini detail: Cars $40 SUVs $50 Trucks $70

Foam cannon wash

Dry with chamois 

Tires degreased & dressed

Thorough vacuuming followed by brushing 

Door jams wiped down

Door panels wiped down

Dash board wiped down

Windows cleaned inside& outside


Steam cleaning $50

Steam clean 

Floor mats 


All vinyl surfaces

Leather surfaces

Dash board

Door panels 

Center console

Steering wheel 

Child seats steam cleaning 

Hand wash & wax Special

Cars $80 SUVs $125 Trucks $150

Includes mini detail wash package 

Complete hand wash

Wheel wells degreased& dressed

All moldings & trim protected

Machine wax 

Pet hair removal:$25

Excessive pet hair:$40

 excessive pet hair of any sort greatly increases the time it takes

For any detail ,and therefore will be assessed (in person) accordingly 

 the daily  driver : Cars $125  Suvs $150 Trucks $175

Includes: Foam cannon bath with wax infused soap

Hand wash & clay bar

Bug & tar removal

Machine wax applied for 3 months protection 

Thorough vacuuming & brushing

Floor mats shampooed

Center console cleaned

Armrests cleaned

Dash board cleaned & protected 

Air freshener 

Service Overview

At Middlebrooks Auto Detailing, we specialize in providing professional vehicle cleaning services. Additionally, we are a self-contained mobile business. This means that wherever your car may be in San Diego, California, we will travel to that specific location and get to work immediately. For your convenience, we bring our own water and electricity.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call or send us an email today to book our services! While you are at it, make sure to request a free quote or estimate for your project.

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